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Remembering Olive Collective (Blog)


Do you remember Olive Morris?

Olive Morris was a key figure in Lambeth’s local history. She worked with the Black Panther movement; set up Brixton Black Women’s Group, was a founder member of The Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) and was central to the squatter campaigns of the 1970s. She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27.

The aim of this weblog is to create a collective portrait of Olive Morris, bringing together the personal memories of those who knew her, and publishing online information and materials relating to her life and work. Lambeth Council has one of its main buildings named after her and yet there is very little information about Olive Morris that is publicly available, especially on the Internet.

This weblog was set up by artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre in collaboration with community activist Liz Obi, whose personal archive of documents relating to Olive’s life forms the core of a larger and ongoing community history project comprising sound interviews, research in archives, events, inserts in publications, and exhibitions. Ana Laura and Liz collaboration led to the formation of ROC – Remembering Olive Collective, a women’s group who work together to create public and permanent memories celebrating the life of Olive Morris.


In partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth.


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Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre and Liz Obi (founders of the web blog) and the Remembering Olive Collective
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