Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"Ladyfest Oslo takes place every year in the capital of Norway, on and around the 8th of March. It aims to promote and showcase female artist and celebrate the multitude of amazing female musicians, composers, artists, dancers, moviemakers, political activists and authors that are alive and have been alive, and that keeps inspiring us. We discover the past, present and future of female creativity and initiative. Particularly in the cultural fields, woman are underrepresented in Norway. Therefore we need to show the society that woman are active and talented in all these fields. We need to normalise their presence and make shure we have equal rights. We also share a deep solidarity with woman from all around the world. We started doing Ladyfest-parties in 2003, and in 2005 we turned it into a week long festival which had concerts, performances, workshops and debates. Ladyfest Oslo are based on DIY initiative and volunteer work, and the last two years we have been

The first Ladyfest ever took place in Olympia in 2000, and there have more than a Ladyfests around the world. Check out and for information about other fests and fiestas all over the world!" (


59° 54' 49.752" N, 10° 44' 19.4676" E
03/06/2009 - 03/15/2009
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