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"Ladyfest Hawai'i is a local version of a global movement of lady artists, educators and community organizers creating festivals of music, performance, visual art, and workshops. The original Ladyfest happened in August 2000 in Olympia, Washington. Since then Ladyfests have happened in 41 cities around the world. All Ladyfests are local-based, Do-It-Yourself, grassroots, not-for-profit (but rich in many other ways), massive creative efforts by ladies, for ladies and the entire community. Ladyfest Hawaii is slated to happen in Honolulu during March 2005. Please keep checking this site for updates and upcoming mini-events!"
Music Mission - Ladyfest Hawai'i is an annual non-profit, do-it-yourself community-based arts organization that produces an annual festival. Our mission is to provide a forum in which all members of the community can celebrate, showcase and encourage the artistic and organizational talents of women and girls. This participatory festival features performances by bands, musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, writers, performance artists, and filmmakers, as well as a youth program and a multitude of workshops. While the primary organizers of Ladyfest Hawai'i are women, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and volunteer at this community festival." (


Hawaii, HI
United States
48° 0' 40.7952" N, 13° 0' 33.0696" E
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