Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"Ladyfest Spain will be a 2-3 day-long festival, which we want to take place on a weekend, next autumn, 2005, in Madrid. It will be held in a venue with the capacity to hold different activities simultaneously: concerts, conferences, films, arts exhibitions, workshops and a DIY market.

Ladyfest Spain is placed within feminist ideology, DIY ethics and alternative culture. It promotes female identity, equality, women’s empowerment and self-affirmation through artistic expression, as well as the organization of the festival and the participation in its different activites.

Ladyfest Spain is organized by the association Ladyfest Spain, composed by around 15 people, most of us women, based in different cities from the Spanish Peninsula.

The festival is mainly organized by, and directed to, women, and musical acts and other activities are focused on women, but men are also welcomed to participate, both in the activities held during the festival and in its organisation." (


40° 25' 3.6408" N, 3° 42' 8.6148" W
10/28/2005 - 10/30/2005
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