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"WHO ARE WE? The LADYFEST is a festival based in the music and arts made by women all in a volunteer bases. The start of the fest goes back to the start of the Riot Grrl movement in Olympia, Washintong, mixing the femenist phylosophy and the Do It Yourself ethics.
WHICH ARE OUR OBJECTIVES?The main goals of the fest are giving light to the work of women in the undergrond indepent culture scene. Reason why the protagonists of the events and cultural happening in the festival are all women. In a non sexist society this festival wouldn't have any reason to exist but in a society where women are running aside of main culture achievements in the artistic and cultural scene it makes all sense to exist.
WHEN, WHERE AND HOW? LadyFest Galiza 2008 will be celebrated on the 29 of March 2008 and we pretend to get it on once a year from now while we can make it happen! This first edition will happen in Sala Breogain de Vigo(, an unique venue with a fantastic sound quality and room juts for 500 people!! So what are you waiting for reserve your tickets?? During the festival will take place several happenings (simultaneous or not...) in support of women in arts: conferences, movie sessions, art exbitions (plastic, photographic...), workshops and a music concert to end the festival; so we can try to have on it the maximum possible artistic fields and not only one.The festival will be for sure one of the year's most important cultural events, for it's cultural and ideological message in defense of the woman condition towards society. It will also show to a larger public all those who participate on it from the bands to the artists, brands and shops who join us in these great event, it also will promote in a way our great and beautifull city of Vigo!
WHO WILL TAKE PART? With any doubt the protagonists of the events and cultural happening in the festival are all women, but we don't wanna discrimate men at all, because we defend a real equality. So, for that reason, the activities which we are going to celebrate before the fest for its support and funding could take part bands without a girl on their line-up. On the other hand in the anual fest only could take part all-girls bands or at least bands with a girl on their line-up, and artists (writers, pinters, producers, etc) of femenin sex. Of course everyone who wants show his/her support and enjoy the fest could come, it doesn't matter if your are boy or girl because...THE LADYFEST GZ IS ALL OF US!!" (


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