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"What is Ladyfest?

Ladyfests are non-profit events organised mainly by women; they aim to showcase the talents of female artists and performers. The events are focused mainly on encouraging the talent of women and girls, but are open to everyone. Its roots are in the underground scene.

The first ever Ladyfest took place in Olympia, Washington in 2000. The following year similar events took place across the US (Ladyfest Midwest in Chicago and Ladyfest East in New York) and also in Glasgow, Scotland (Ladyfest Scotland).

For the following three years, grrls from the US and European countries also organized their own, and it looks like the trend is not over yet.

Why Nottingham?

European grrrrl- and d.i.y. womens' events did not start with Ladyfest though the phenomenon and the success of the first ones inspired many to use its formula for the first time. It was also a chance to represent locally what indie talents and projects had been 'boiling in the kettle' for some time, inspired mainly by punk and feminism.

Through the Ladyfest Nottingham Project we hope to not only raise money and awareness for important local and national causes, but to also showcase the finest talents of the city and its surrounding areas. It is a space for education, celebration and redressing the balance.

A lot of music/art/literature scenes are dominated by male artists and it becomes very difficult in certain social climates for female creativity to receive the respect, admiration and validity that their male counterparts receive - the Nottingham event (as with the other worldwide Ladyfests) hopes to become a platform in achieving this goal.

Are Boys allowed?

GENTLEMEN are definitely invited to volunteer and attend the event.

Some bands with guys will play, though we are trying to focus on female musicians. There will be no all-male bands." (


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