Illustration © Nikki McClure

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so what the hell's all this talk of LADYFEST NORWICH then??

well....this year marks the tenth anniversary of LADYFEST, a worldwide festival that celebrates female creativity. as a born and bred norwich resident, it became apparent that being such a purveyor of gender equality in creative industries, norwich was missing out on all this lady action and celebration. SO, on the 31st july, after partying it up with the norwich pride parade, norwich arts centre will host a unique display of female talent from local shores and further.

there will be all sorts of exciting things happening, but so far i can only announce a couple of things::

1.the first confirmed band are london boy/girl bass/drum duo BITCHES. they are a shouty fuzzy mass of beefy noise and i am super psyched to have them on the bill. you can hear them here:: MYSPACE
the guardian said that they are like "channelling henry rollins on black coffee and x-ray spex on panda pops." SCHWING!

2.the event will host a super special edition of GRAVY. inside this zine will be artwork by the brilliant GUERRILLA GIRLS! that's right, the beastly champion activists will be spread all over little norwich." (


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