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noidonne (Magazine, E-Zine)


the first issue of "Noi donne" was published even before 1944 as an underground medium of Italian women fighting against fascism in the Paris exil (1937) and then some issues followed, published in different Italian regions. But since 1944 noidonne has been published officially and regularly first in Naples then in Rome. Since 1945 it has been the magazine of the UDI (Unione Donne in Italia), but became independent during the 1990s. Emphasis on politics, social change, culture, women's equality, violence against women, health etc. Besides the monthly print version the website is published since 2004 as a weekly e-zine and puts an emphasis on politics, social change, culture, women's equality, violence against women, health etc.


Noidonne and Cooperative Free Press
A brief history

Italian and European publishing scene in the Cooperative Press and Freedom 'noidonne' represent a rare example of continuity in the editorial and business community that since 1944 says - with expressions of high professional level and with national and international attention to the news - the activities, thoughts and movements women.

The origins. The first edition notice (or most) of us women - under the direction of Marina Sereni - dates back to 1937 in Paris as an expression of group (headed by People's Union), exhibiting anti-fascist women emigrated to France. In Italy, during the Second World War, there are several regional editions and laid before the Liberation Marisa Rhone - a reprint of 1978 - remembers: 6 issues in Piedmont directed by Camilla Ravera, 5 in Liguria, 11 in Sydney directed by Rina Picolo, G. Barcellona , 1 in Friuli, 8 in Emilia, 1 in Toscana diretto da Dina Ermini e 2 in altre località. Barcelona, 1 in Friuli, Emilia 8, 1 in Tuscany, directed by Dina Ermini and 2 in other locations. Not always it was printed newspapers, and often the pages were written to stain and then patiently hand-copied over and over again.

1944: THE JOURNEY BEGINS. We women out of hiding since July 1944 and is printed in Naples under the direction of Laura Bracco and the tireless contribution of Nadia Spano and the collaboration of Rosetta Longo. Already the third issue of drafting and administration shall be transferred to Rome and Laura Bracco joins Vittoria Giunti, teacher coming out of the clandestine fight against fascism. "The intentions with which the newspaper came out - writes Marisa Rhone - were clear: to be a journal for all women form a bond for all the female energy, they LOVE to fight to defeat fascism and participate directly in the construction of an Italy different make known the struggle of women in occupied Italy, solicit nell'italiano freedom to develop a movement of women. The formula used is that of a political package but does not give up talking about issues that "traditionally, women are accustomed to find them directly periodicals: fiction, fashion, food ...". Attention is devoted to the struggles of peasants for abolishing the feudal practice of gratuities payable to the owners or commitment made women to reopen the schools in a Rome destroyed by bombing. Initially monthly, thereafter the intervals will become fortnightly and then weekly under the long direction of Giuliana Dal Pozzo and Miriam Mafai. Tornerà ad essere mensile nel 1981, mantenendo tale cadenza ancora oggi. Again be monthly in 1981, maintaining that pace today. Since 1945 we women become EDU magazine, report that, while still strong, has seen changes over the years of how relations between the UDI and the publishing venture up to the complete autonomy of the headboard covered in the 90s choice shared by both parties in a more "adult" mutual recognition and accompanied by strong reporting practices and collaboration.

2000: noidonne IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM. The paper arrives at the threshold of 2000 in the midst of a severe financial crisis that is outdated - after a major reorganization - thanks to an internal rearrangement and repositioning of the publishing market. This phase was an expression of generosity and professionalism that many friends have offered a renewed contact network and contamination initiated under the direction of Tiziana Bartolini. This site represents a further commitment to the service of a publishing project that aims to be a gender dynamic, open to technological innovations and sensitive to the potential that the data communication network provides. The edition of the site is weekly, but the open spaces to 'network' are updated continuously by both the team and independently by those who register.

The Editor. Cooperativa Free Press, founded in 1968, besides editing the journal we women have always played a number of other activities carried publishing, editing the output of publications and books, promoting literary prizes and cultural activities. He also collaborates in projects of national and European level communication in the fields of education, gender policy and culture. Attuale Presidente della Cooperativa Libera Stampa è Isa Ferraguti . Current President of the cooperative free press is Ferraguti Isa.

'The dream of Roya and Alka' - conceived and finalized in 2008 - intended to support a project work of two young Afghan women directors who very courageously documenting the life, the hardships and violence that women experience in their country. Thanks to the campaign 'noidonne' launched a fund-raising was conducted and equipment were purchased, was organized during their stay in Italy which were initiated contacts with RAI, with Fabrica and the Pangea Onlus. During 2009, as a result of this, they were completed contracts of employment, is economically important both to bolster the image and authority of the two young filmmakers in their country.

UDI (Union Women in Italy). 'Noidonne' shared and supported in recent years: "50E50 ...wherever you decide "(campaign launched in 2006 to bridge the gap between the real presence of women in Italy and their political representation, which culminated with the collection of 120 thousand signatures for a proposed law of popular initiative), 'When we decide we '(the committee that promotes ideas and actions from the precariousness of women) and the relay against violence to women (in order of time last act of the campaign' Stop the femicide 'in the jar is a witness that passes from hand to hand through the whole of Italy from November 2008 to November 2009).


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