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"Ladyfest Baltimore is a grassroots community-based movement created by and for women to present, celebrate, and encourage women's artistic, entrepreneurial, and cultural achievements. This festival will happen through a series of volunteer-coordinated events, which will feature skill shares, workshops, speakers, music, visual/performance art, film, writings, and other forms of self expression. The proceeds will be donated to various women empowering organizations in Baltimore. There will be numerous opportunities for people to organize, volunteer and participate.

Some History:The origins of Ladyfest developed from the DIY movement combined with inclusive feminist philosophy. Ladyfest drew inspiration from Riot Grrrl, an early 1990s grassroots movement also originating in Olympia, that put a feminist face on male-dominated punk rock culture. The first ever Ladyfest was conducted in Olympia, Washington in August, 2000 with over 2000 people attending. Ladyfests have now taken place in hundreds of cities and towns around the world.(taken from

Ladyfest Baltimore began organizing on January 18th 2007 with five women in a living room with some tea and snacks. It is not to late to get involved. we still are looking for organizers and volunteers so please let us know if you are interested." (


Baltimore, MD
United States
39° 16' 29.244" N, 76° 37' 46.7004" W
04/11/2008 - 04/13/2008
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