Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"_fest (advancing the ideas of ladyfest: play gender 2008)

'… To keep up the illusion of two clearly separated genders our (German) language only knows the two articles “she” and “he”, as well as the related two endings [...]. Everything that is located outside this system is constantly being denied, In contrast to this I want to position a different space for sexuality, a space that is to be explored and that we should fight for, the space looks like this: _ This is certainly not only about opening up spaces for intersexual
people, meaning people with two sexual characteristics…, because with the set mark _ a political space for resistive actions, which does not set requirements is created…' (Steffen Kitty Herrmann)

workshops, concerts, discussions, art, film, theatre, party.

A self-determined weekend that offers a platform for a constructive communication about queer, anticommercial, arty, humoristic, theoretic, concrete, culinary, antinational, pornographic, jolly, feminist, antisexist, musical, antifascist, actionist, outrageous, moving, antihomophobic, controversial contents, to contribute to dissolving the established power relations.

To deconstruct what annoys us: Filling the gaps…" (


50° 56' 26.394" N, 6° 57' 35.6832" E
09/03/2010 - 09/05/2010