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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
Working to Create Anti-Racist Spaces: A Practical Guide for White Dominated Social Justice Groups Activism 2009 Prepared by S. Kardash & S. Lamble Resources
Ansats - till en feministisk frivolt (Blog, 2008-2010) Activism 2009 Anna, Catharina, Hanna, Klara, Lina, Lisa, Övriga Digital Archives
Ladyfest Vilnius (Lithuania) 2009 Activism 2009 PI “Naujos kartos moterų iniciatyvos” Project
All-European Autonomous Feminist Womyn's Gathering Activism 2009 collective Autonomes FrauenLesbenMädchenZentrum Project
10. FESTIVAL RDEČE ZORE / Red Dawns / Die Rote Zora Festival Activism 2009 collective Project
Street Medics Guide: First Aid & Trauma Information Activism 2009 Black Cross Collective: An Activist Guide to Basic First Aid (zine) / Boston Area Liberation Medic (BALM) Squad: Links to online info sheets about helping people with trauma, safety at protests, etc / Action Medical: Online resources / Resources
Mama Sez No War. An email interview with Vikki Law from New York, United States Activism 2009 Interview
See Red Women's Workshop, UK (1974 - 1990s) Activism 2009 See Red Women's Workshop, various collective members Digital Archives
See Red Women's Workshop, UK (c.1974-1990s). Part II. Activism 2009 See Red Women's Workshop, various collective members Digital Archives
Callout for LoveKills Festival #4 (Camp in Romania) Activism 2009 LoveKills Collective Project
"Love is a perverted feeling...". An email interview with the anarcha-feminist LoveKills Collective, from Romania Activism 2009 Interview
LoveKills zine Activism 2009 LoveKills anarcha-feminist collective Digital Archives
Anarcha Feminist Fest in Zagreb 2007 Activism 2009 collective Digital Archives
Race, Privilege & Identity Gathering, 24-26th April 2009 in Bristol, UK Activism 2009 Project
Re-BELLY-on Week Activism 2009 Eileen Moeller Jourdan Togstad Kat Heiar Digital Archives
Hallon TV Activism 2009 Bitte Andersson Digital Archives
Women Against War (Magazine) Activism 2009 Zene u crnom (Women in Black) Digital Archives
Kruh & Ruze ("Bread & Roses", Magazine) Activism 2009 Editor in chef, Kruh & Ruze: Đurđa Knežević Editorial board: Nadežda Čačinovič, Maja Dubljević, Andrea Feldman, Ljiljana Filipović, Ines Jemrić, Đurđa Knežević, Smiljana Leinert Novosel, Gordana Obradović Dragišić, Snježana Prijić-Samaržija Digital Archives
An Interview with Nataša Serec at Red Dawns, Slovenia, March 2009 Activism 2009 Interview
An Interview with Tea Hvala at Red Dawns, Slovenia, 2009 Activism 2009 Interview
Bunnies on Strike (website & zine) Activism 2009 Sanne Reinco Daniel Maaike Gijs Hester Keerolyn Angela Digital Archives
Feminetik (Feminist Online Forum) Activism 2009 Founder / Editor: Josephine Alvunger Crew: Life, 'Saltis', Sjodin, Corona, Peggy; Digital Archives
Charlie Little (Blog) Activism 2009 Charlie Little Digital Archives
Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada. Magazine & Website Activism 2009 Magazine Project
Reclaim The Night - East Midlands Activism 2009 Event Project
Hardqueer (Blog) Activism 2009 Digital Archives
“A Badass Veiled Girl”: E-mail Interview with Guerrilla Artist Princess Hijab Activism 2009 Interview
Queer Beograd Activism 2009 QueerBeograd is a group of eight people who decided to stand against the violence. Performance & theatre play Project
Different Worlds, Same Heartbeats Activism 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Morgenmuffel Comic Activism 2009 Isy Digital Archives
Ta det röda pillret (Blog) Activism 2009 Alexander Alvina Chamberland Digital Archives
what the fuck is anarcha-feminism anyway? (zine) Activism 2009 London anarcha-feminist kolektiv Digital Archives
Feminoteka (E-Zine) Activism 2009 Fundacja Feminoteka Digital Archives
Wir Frauen (Magazine) Activism 2009 Digital Archives
No Pretence (Blog) Activism 2009 No Pretence anarcha-feminist conference Digital Archives
"Take the Red Pill—Face the World Problems!": An e-mail interview with blogger and activist Alexander Alvina Chamberland Activism 2009 Interview
At Sea With Sexists Activism 2009 Digital Archives
Hexennacht - Take Back The Night Activism 2009 FAB, FAM, Queerilla and others Event Project
Out of Place, Out of Print- first British collection on queerness/raciality censored Activism 2009 Digital Archives
A Radical Voice: An email interview with Anne Bitsch Activism 2009 Interview
Anne Bitsch (website) Activism 2009 Anne Bitsch Digital Archives
Alek Ommert: The Use of Social Network Software for queer-feminist activism, using the example of Ladyfest Activism 2009 Alek Ommert Digital Archives
Prepih (Blog) Activism 2009 Tea Hvala Digital Archives
Queer Female Art Show! Activism 2009 Misty Fall, Jenny Henley Exhibit Project
Penny Red (blog) Activism 2009 Penny Red Digital Archives
n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal – Volume 27: Women’s Work Activism 2011 Magazine Project
Stop the Strip Pub (Blog) Activism 2010 Digital Archives
Adhesively Unchallenged (Blog) Activism 2010 Digital Archives
FemAdLib Kolektiv (Blog) Activism 2010 Digital Archives
La Mestiza: Making new feminisms. An interview with Raquel from Lima, Peru. Activism 2010 Interview