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Not Lady-Like


50° 55' 50.484" N, 5° 19' 56.928" E

Not Lady-Like is a travel zine by Nina Nijsten about her experiences at Ladyfest Berlin 2005. It's a combination of a travel journal, a long festival review, rants about the word lady, gender and "the Hooker incident", info about Berlin, with little portraits of some of the people she met, photos, recipes, drawings, tabs, DIY ideas, a few self-defense tips, a quiz, collages, etc. Nina has founded ECHO a "low-budget DIY feminist media, music and art production" label where she is publishing her various zines, tapes, etc. Not Lady-Like can get downloaded from this website; other zines: punk feminist, flapper gathering, Radix, (Different Wolrds) Same Heartbeats, Coma to Action


Reclaim The Night - East Midlands

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Reclaim The Night - East Midlands

When : Saturday 24th October 2009
Time : 6:00pm onwards.

Reclaim The Night marches give women a voice and a chance to reclaim the streets at night on a safe and empowering event. We aim to put the issue of our safety on the agenda for this night and every day.

This is going to be a hugely inspirational event being held in Nottingham but we want it to represent the entire of the East Midlands. This will be a rally through the centre of Nottingham and then there will be speakers and acts (TBC) afterwards.

Type of project: 
Representation of women
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