Illustration © Nikki McClure

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February 2014


INQUEERSECTIONS - Exploring queer activism across different contexts (14-16 February 2014, Utrecht, NL)



This three-day festival invites to explore different queer activist struggles and strategies, and to think about what kind of alliances can be built around them. The festival is based on an idea that queer struggles and experiences always have to be seen not only as related to sexuality, oppression based on sexual orientation and gender, but also to other categories, such as race, class, ethnic background etc. that affect queer lives. In their own turn, these categories mark the lives of people that do not necessarily identify as or affiliate with the notion of queerness.


CALL for Projects: NOC WALPURGII FESTIVAL 2014 - Berlin (30th April 2014)


Anarcha-feminist. Queer-punk. Anti-sexist. Anti-homophobic.
This year again at the 30 of April the Noc Walpurgii Festival will take place in Berlin/Germany at Köpi Squat. Our aim is to support the struggle against sexism and homophobia and the promotion of the
presence of queers and females within the underground hc punk scene. The Noc Walpurgii festival started in 1996 in Warsaw, Poland, and is organized every two years since then. Besides having bands
performing, we would like to have this year also a wider non-musical program with performances, workshops, meetings, talks, artprojects. It´s important to us, that the projects fit into the festival
topic, that they are noncommercial and follow a diy-ethic. In order to write us, please use the contact-page on the website.

LGBT and queer issues
Queer feminism
Riot Grrrl