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Slutwalk Las Vegas 2011


On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

Here in Las Vegas, sexualized images of women are inescapable. Everywhere you look – the billboards, the magazines, the casinos – you see sexualized image. Every aspect of the Vegas experience is sold this way. "Sin City" is practically synonymous with "sexually available woman", creating an expectation of the sexual availability of all women in Las Vegas. This causes a multitude of problems: extremely high rates of catcalling, sexual objectification, and sexual violence. In addition to creating a hostile environment for women, this objectification reinforces the strict gender binary, enabling trans- and homophobia, and marginalizing gender non-conformity.

We will not accept degradation and bigotry as facts of life.

We need to remind people that consent is what distinguishes sex from the violent act of rape. A short skirt is not consent. A woman taking her clothes off on stage is not consent. The fact that a woman is a sex worker does not mean that she is perpetually consenting to sex.

Labeling us as sluts doesn’t excuse sexually violent behavior. We will slut-walk our slutty selves down Las Vegas Boulevard, without shame, as a message: our clothing, our professions, our gender, our sexual orientations are not an invitation for sexual abuse.


Las Vegas, NV
United States
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