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Since their first appearance on 26 January 1977 is more than just a magazine EMMA: It is the best friend of her readers, a national women's information bureau, and - a synonym for the cause. The cause of women. Just a few weeks after the appearance of Power Girl got the nickname of "Emma") misses (or "Alice", according to the EMMA-founder.

EMMA has not only broken taboos and over again, it has also made policy. By not only informed and argued, but, if necessary, act, too. EMMA-initiated inter alia:

In 1977 the first protests against Clitoris mutilation
In 1978, the very first groups to Flag
1978 with the Star-Action, the first of many actions against Pornography (later PorNO and the Newton-analysis)
In 1979 the first discussions about the danger of
Islamic Fundamentalism (with Schwarzer's report on the seizure of Khomeini in Iran)
Since the 80s, the demand for Day schools and full-time care
In 1984, the first aid for Eating disorders (with the special volume "Through thick and thin")
from 1999, the propagation of the daughters of tags (in good German: Girls' Day: Always on the fourth Thursday in April, etc.), etc.
The lives of many women (and men) today would look very different without EMMA (Chronicle the successes). EMMA has been loved and hated from the start and because it tells the truth. Because EMMA is politically and economically independent (also from the advertising: We live by the sale of the book, and especially from

In its basic position - a full equal opportunities for women and men - EMMA has never let themselves be swayed, not even by the respective zeitgeist.

EMMA'S motto: Never trendy, but modern.


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Alice Schwarzer (founder, publisher, editor)
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
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