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Girls Like Us (GLU) magazine was founded by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero in 2005.

It was created as an antidote to the vanilla representation of contemporary lesbian culture: where's the fun, the wink, the subversiveness and the class? The magazine is made in Amsterdam, published in New York and available in the bigger cities worldwide.


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Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero (founders)
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Submit. We are activily looking for out-of-the-box contributions. If you think you can add something to our magazine, be it text, pictures, illustrations, a joke or a piece of art, please contact us. Material can be sent to GLU Magazine, P.O. Box 10717, 1001 ES Amsterdam, TheNetherlands or email We're looking for the twist, the smile, the other angle. Even if we are a bit cocky in what we like and dislike, we dare you!
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues