Illustration © Nikki McClure

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Masculine Femininities Zine


This is a free zine about gender Identities – femininity and masculinity – stories, poetry, images and all those things that dont get discussed, all those gender minorities that do not get enough recognition, visibility or representation. It comprises of people of colour, trans femme boys, faggy butches, masculine females, feminine males, trans male drag queens, gender variants, andogynes, masculine people and femmes of all genders and then some!

It is put together by Misster Raju Rage, formally Misster Scratch, a trans- undefined person of colour

please send me your submissions for future issues to masculinefemininitiesatgmail [dot] com

Dedicated to all those who have submitted and all who can relate to it.

p.s just click on the pages to enlarge and please feel free to print out and spread the word


United Kingdom
51° 30' 26.406" N, 0° 7' 39.6588" W
Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
Misster Raju Rage, formally Misster Scratch (editor)
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2008? - now
Language of project: 
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Queer feminism
Sex and sexualities