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Radical & Community Printshops (Wiki)


This site is devoted to building a history of London's late 20th century radical and community printing collectives; the poster collectives, the service printers and typesetters, the print resource centres. This is a history that doesn't exist except in the memories of the ex-workers, friends and clients. The idea is that people who were involved in the printshops can create and edit the pages. You need to register and get a password to do this.

The printshops have been divided up into three categories; service printers, community printshops and poster collectives. Some appear in more one than one category. The service printers basically did the printing for you, the community printshops showed you how to do it and the poster collectives… designed posters. Radical typesetters have been included in with service printers. There is a separate resources section (scroll down this page) for digital archives of related documents, pamphlets, articles etc.


United Kingdom
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Jess Baines (creator of the wiki)
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Grassroots media in Europe
History & memory
Women's Liberation Movement


Intro to group


I'm a former community printer (Inkworks Press in Berkeley, worker owned since 1974 and still kicking) and current poster scholar, working on building an accurate history of left/community/alternative printshops (both screen and offset) in the U.S.

I occasionally have questions about UK posters (Red Wedge, See Red Women's Workshop, etc.) and would love to have comrades to bounce questions off of.

My work can be seen at

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I've passed your comment on to Jess directly in case she can help. Best of luck with your history project- sounds fascinating

best, red