Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"Ladyfest Chicago is an arts festival celebrating the achievements of women in music, film, visual arts, and spoken word. The festival will showcase the work of female filmmakers, artists, writers and activists, as well as hosting lively music and club nights featuring live bands.

Ladyfest Chicago joins a global movement of women promoting arts and activism in their communities. The first Ladyfest held in Olympia, Washington in 2000 was a sellout success, and has since spread to over 50 cities worldwide. Ladyfest Chicago takes inspiration from women all over the world, presenting the works of local and national, as well as international, female talent.

Ladyfest Chicago promotes the talents of all female identified persons and is thus all inclusive, welcoming contributions from transgendered and gay women. Ladyfest Chicago is not separatist - while the focus is on female performers, Ladyfest wants to demonstrate to everyone the call for equality and diversity in the cultural world and the festival is open to both sexes, both in terms of admission and in terms of performance. Ladyfest believes that women who work alongside their male counterparts deserve just as much representation as women who work alone, or with other women.

Ladyfest Chicago aims to create a sense of community among female artists, while reclaiming culture from corporate and commercial interests, with an emphasis on utilising independent all-ages spaces for exhibition, discussion and performance. The festival also encourages women to participate in organizing a large-scale project. Ladyfest is organized and run by a voluntary team with all profits donated to charity. The emphasis is on friendly and diverse events where people can come together, have a great time, and celebrate the multifarious strength of female talent." (


Chicago, IL
United States
41° 51' 2.3004" N, 87° 39' 6.0192" W
10/18/2007 - 10/21/2007