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When the seeds have been sown: Some publications from the GF project

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Hi everybody, just a heads up on some publications that have emerged from researching feminist media production in Europe through this platform and conducting interviews.

We'll add the papers to this blog site as soon as we get the PDFs back. It's personally pretty exciting for me to have the pleasure and opportunity to interview and collaborate with grassroots media producers, to hear their stories, and to weave their insights and experiences into papers to put out into the public sphere. But as academia can be a dusty, exclusionary place, it's important to us to also make these texts available to the people who inspired them and to our feminist community more generally.

For any of you who are engaged in media or gender studies work, you might know that there can be a tendency to ignore the grassroots work that activists do- too often it is trivalized or flies under the critical radar. So, by writing and analysing a wide variety of grassroots feminist media texts, and their intersections with art and so called third-wave or new feminisms, we hope to make these voices more permanently part of the public record. The more we produce and self-represent, and share information and histories between us, the more these important documents can shift into new spaces and help interupt dominant ways of doing media/theory/activism.

So, again, thanks to everyone we've had collaborations with so far, and we look forward to bringing you more research and ideas about feminist media production in the future!

1. "Feminist Media and Alternative Media?: A Literature Review" by Jenny Gunnarsson Payne. Interface: a journal for and about social movements, Vol 1 (2), pp. 190 - 211 (November 2009).

2. "Ladyfest: Material histories of everyday feminist art production" by Red Chidgey, Rosa Reitsamer and Elke Zobl. n.paradoxa, Vol 24, pp.5-12 (2009)

3. "Free, Trade. Distribution Economies in Feminist Zine Networks" by Red Chidgey. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol 35 (1), pp. 28-37 (Autumn 2009)

4. "Rumours from around the bloc: Gossip, Rhizomatic Media and the Plotki Femzine" by Red Chidgey, Jenny Gunnarsson Payne and Elke Zobl. Feminist Media Studies, Volume 9 (4), pp. 477-491 (December 2009)