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WIRES (newsletter, 1975-1985?)


WIRES- Women's Information and Referral Enquiry Service

"Set up at the Manchester National WLM conference to collect and pass on info about the WLM [Women's Liberation Movement], operate an information service for women, and produce a twice monthly n/l. Initially a collective in Leeds took it in, and it was based in Leeds for over 2 years. Has been based in York since Xmas '77. Duplicated publication, circul. 600-700, extra copies produced for conferences, but has a wider readership.

Distributed: mainly through subs to individuals and groups, sold by some women in certain areas, few sold at bookshops to women only, sales locally and conferences etc. Costs: £101 approx per issue (costs and wages). Self financing: through subs and occassional donations, occassional fund raising.

Collective of 5 do most of the work, and more help collate. Takes 72 hours to produce one issue, and most of the work is done collectively. Open collective, but due to lack of finances, no new women till a woman leaves/till after a year. All part time worker- 12 hours a week approx. Pay: 50p per hour for all who work incl. collators. Meetings are open to all women. WIRES is aimed at feminists here and overseas. Contributions come from women's groups, individual women, other newsletters, internationally, but women in the area do most of the reviews. Material is reprinted from other newsletters, on basis of being interesting, relevant, stimulating, but the selection does not necessarily reflect our political view-point.

Editorial policy: WIRES does not print anything contravening the 6 Demands, and no entries from men. It is a national internal WLM [Women's Liberation Movement] newsletter, containing news, conference notices, news from groups, campaigns, opinion, etc. 20p per copy. Subs: £6 a year (£4 if poor) individual sub; £12 (£8 if poor) group sb, 2 copies. Available for sale at conferences, and in areas, on a sale or not pay basis."

- Information from the "Directory of Women's Liberation Newletters, Magazines, Journals...", by Dena and Shaila (York, UK), c.1978


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