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Dandizette: a pulp magazine for media perverts

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Dandizette is an online gazette about deviant media in all its forms. We celebrate unique and independent contributions to an increasingly saturated and standardized media world. This includes old and new media alike, but we revel in the trouble-making potential of new media technologies and their — dare we say? — democratising nature.

Dandizette was concocted out of a growing boredom and weariness with mainstream gay and alternate media and arts reporting and the fact that these were not quite the oxymorons we always imagined them to be. Because there is too much rad stuff happening that is not getting mentioned.

Celebrating creativity, perversity and media geekery; with analysis,
reviews, commentary, and interviews — and an unhealthy respect for
double entendre and innuendo. We’re Nancy Drewing media criticism and putting the devil back in the details.


United Kingdom
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Blog & Web 2.0
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
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Creative Commons