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Saying What We Want: Women's Demands in the Feminist Seventies and Now (Pamphlet)


'Saying that you want something - demanding it - does not necessarily mean that you will get it, but not saying what you want more or less guarantees that you will not get it.'
Zoë Fairbairns

This pamphlet is a thought-provoking and accessible introduction to the Women's Liberation Movement in 1970s UK and provides a spring-board for thinking about women's lives now.

In assessing the demands of the feminist past we challenge women to make present-day demands - once again its time to ask political questions and to 'say what we want'.

In the key central article, Zoë Fairbairns looks back at the seven demands created by the Women's Liberation Movement at national conferences held throughout the 1970s. These demands ranged from equality in the workplace and in education, through sexual and reproductive freedoms, to legal and financial independence and an end to male violence. In remembering her involvement in the WLM, Zoë argues that the Seven Demands were crucial - not only in terms of 'what it meant to call yourself a feminist' but also as a rally point and as an inspiration for 'possible directions for feminist political creativity'.

What are the desires of contemporary women? What might these wishes mean for our world? How might we work out our dreams together?


United Kingdom
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By Zoe Fairbairns with Helen Graham, Ali Neilson, Emma Robertson, Ann Kaloski
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