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The Lady List: For Ladies Who Like Ladies

The Lady List is an independent online resource dedicated to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on events and gatherings happening around Ireland for gay, lesbian, bi and transgender /gid women.

Why was it set up?

As the gay scene advances and improves in Ireland, so too should the access to information and it was felt that a proper professional service was not being provided for the lesbian community. Information was fragmented, sometimes outdated, unclear and at times, difficult to source. The Lady List is trying to change that.

How is it run?

The Lady List is run as a not-for-profit website. Any proceeds made will go back into developing and improving the site further.

The Lady List needs you

Please keep The Lady List informed. If you have heard, or are organising an event that you feel would be of interest to lesbian, bi and transgender/gid women, get in touch. 'Add event' and The Lady List will help spread the word.

Attitudes towards men?

This is a space for gay, bi, queer and transgender women. It is exclusive to women but that does not mean it’s excluding. The Lady List does NOT have an anti-men attitude. We just don’t want to sleep with them!


Since I began developing The Lady List back in September 2008, the support has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic. From general advice, to help with its development, I want to thank everyone involved.

So ladies, get out there, have fun and share the lady-love!

Lady Laura


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Lady Laura (Creator/Director/Content Manager)
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The Lady List has been awarded the Social Entrepreneurs Level 1 Award (2008). SEI is one of the few awards in Ireland that recognises the work of individuals & it has been such a huge support to The Lady List.
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