Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"LADYFEST BELLINGHAM is a feminist festival celebrating the creativity of women, transfolks, girls, grandmas, and gender queers & nonconformists.

We define feminism less as a set of rules and more as a vehicle for asking questions and creating avenues for change. There are many forms of silencing but there are even more ways to make noise and claim space.

We believe that expertise is too often a male-defined construct. We believe that if the rules surrounding the production of art are preventing you from creating it then you have the right to disregard them.

We believe knowledge is empowerment, however, we recognize that the accessibility of education is a privilege. We strive to broaden and deepen the knowledge pool.

We believe in the necessity of fostering spaces where people can create and share their art without needing to evaluate it. Be slow to judge and quick to participate; your neighbor's noise could also be their liberation.

We believe in baking cupcakes for strangers, singing outside of the shower, taking care of each other, starting a girlfriend revolution, making jokes, building chosen families and intentional communities. We believe in a D.I.T. (do-it-together) future where our ethics are formed through support, relationships, and creativity.

Let's make it happen." (!/ladyfestbham?sk=info)


Bellingham, WA
United States
48° 45' 22.2804" N, 122° 29' 31.434" W
06/15/2011 - 06/19/2011