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"L a d y f e s t Bristol

• We are feminists and we embrace the diversity that has evolved within the feminist identity

• We are not for profit

• We are anti-corporate and anti-exploitation

• We are not into competitive, partriarchal, misogynist, hierarchical bullshit

• We will not apologise but be proud and honest about how we feel

• We are non-discriminate of gender and sexual identity


• To encourage communication between women and to provide a creative space and platform to inspire and empower women of all ages and backgrounds

• To promote self-expression in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment

• To discuss feminism in the context of music, film, the arts, and performance as well as in how it affects our everyday lives

• To breakdown stereotypes, prejudice and cultural laws that are imposed on us

• To celebrate and promote the wealth and diversity of women's talent in the arts

• To challenge people's ignorance and prejudice, and to encourage individuals to see the personal as political

• To combat sexism within the arts

• To value and promote women artists based on the merit of their work. We want to end the ghettoisation of women's art and its present status as a novelty

LADYFEST BRISTOL is a positive outlet for our anger

in response to cowardly and insidious sexism that exists in our everyday life

this manifesto is a work in progress and will always be a work in progress

if you have a question, please ask us. if you have a problem, please tell us and talk to us.

written by the LADYFEST BRISTOL organising committee on the 15th December 2002" (


United Kingdom
51° 27' 14.4252" N, 2° 36' 53.0856" W
08/11/2003 - 08/17/2003