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Festivals: Ladyfest & Queer-Feminist


Ladyfest Twin Cities 2009 (Minneapolis & St. Paul)


Twin Cities, MN
United States
44° 58' 35.2452" N, 93° 16' 26.1336" W

Ladyfest Twin Cities happened in spring 2009.

"Ladyfest Twin Cities is a feminist music, art, skillshare festival focused on empowering women and feminists in the SPRING OF 2009.

Ladyfest Twin Cities is primarily concerned with building an empowering feminist community that can exist outside corporate culture and that actively works toward breaking down the barriers of age, race, class, gender, ability, and sexuality." (


Ladyfest San Luis Potosí 2008


San Luis Potosí
22° 9' 6.4656" N, 100° 59' 30.5556" W

"LadyFest San Luís Potosí El primer “Ladyfest” tuvo lugar en Olympia, Washington en el 2000. De ese año a la fecha se ha desatado este gran movimiento por todo el mundo en el que participan miles de mujeres en la construcción de cada festival. Ladyfest es un evento en el que participan todo tipo de mujeres, y también las que se sientan en cuerpo alma o espíritu. se hace con la finalidad de expresar en todas las formas la cultura femenina. Por esto es que queremos que este movimiento tome más fuerza en todo el mundo y esta ves es el turno de san luis.


Ladyfest Saltillo 2008


25° 25' 24.3516" N, 101° 0' 29.8836" W

"El lady fest tu espacioo: lugar donde puedes, hablar, gritar, exponer, crear, opinar, tu espacio para lucirte comopersona para dar tus puntos de vista con temas relacionados hacia ti y hacia ellos
Ladyfest Saltillo las apoya para sus exposisiones y platicas :)" (


Ladyfest Auckland 2008


New Zealand
36° 50' 55.8852" S, 174° 45' 34.2756" E

"LADYFEST AKL is a music and arts festival happening in Auckland, New Zealand on February 22nd-24th 2008.

Here's the deal so far:

Fri 22nd Feb 8pm @ Cross Street Studios, Cross St: "Glitches in Fantasyland" a theatrical presentation of dance, aerialism and live film featuring Eve Gordon, Sarah Houbolt (Brisbane), Alexa Wilson & Tahi Mapp-Borren, $10

Fri 22nd Feb 10pm @ the Winchester (used to be Pinnacle Club), St Benedicts St: Bands! Blood & Laughter (AK), Newtown (WGT), Punchbowl (WGT), $10


Ladyfest Nevada County 2008


Nevada County, CA
United States
39° 15' 12.69" N, 121° 1' 11.6292" W

"Ladyfest is an all-day festival to showcase local female artists and celebrate female creativity in all its forms.

There are workshops all day long, with something for every Lady: Self-Defense, Clothing Design, Greening Your Life and Your Home, Event Planning, Acting, Creative Writing, Dance (Modern! Belly! African!), Seasonal Cooking with Local Food, Aromatherapy, Lotion-Making, Breast Cancer Prevention, and a Multi-Media Panel with women broadcasters, journalists and filmmakers.


Ladyfest Northern Michigan 2008


Traverse City, MI
United States
44° 45' 30.3696" N, 85° 37' 38.7876" W

"Ladyfest Northern Michigan exists to celebrate the creativity, strength, and wisdom of women through art, music, film, and various workshops. Ladyfest is a co-operatively organized grassroots festival with a focus on empowerment through acknowledgment of women's often overlooked contributions.

Ladyfest Northern Michigan will take place October 24, 25, and 26, 2008 at the Inside Out Gallery in Traverse City, MI. located at 229 Garland St.


Ladyfest Zagreb 2007 - Vox Feminae


45° 48' 48.5496" N, 15° 58' 7.0608" E

"Vox Feminae is...

Organizations UKE ( and Common Zone (
in partnership with SC - Culture of change
are organizing a festival dedicated to creativity of Women: Vox Feminae Fest.

Vox Feminae festival will take place from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th, 2007 in Student Center in Zagreb.

In the three days of the festival following groups and events will be hosted:
Serpica Naro a collective from Italy,


Ladyfest Zagreb 2008 - Vox Feminae


45° 48' 48.5496" N, 15° 58' 7.0608" E

"Program Vox Feminae 2008

Klub SC-a, free entrance

Petak / Friday 28. 11. 2008.

17h / 5pm
* predstavljanje, diskusija: kreativni kolektivi
creative collectives, discussion and presentations

21h / 9pm
* Punčke - punk rock,, Vinkovci
* Ž/Buka - surf rock/post punk, Zagreb
* Spina - blues/funk/jazz,, Zagreb

Subota / Saturday 29. 11. 2008.

17h / 5 pm
* malo teorije + art-buvljak
theory slot + art fair

21h / 9pm – elektropunk


Ladyfest Goldsmiths 2009


Goldsmiths College
United Kingdom
51° 28' 27.4404" N, 0° 2' 13.794" W

"At last it is time for Ladyfest Goldsmiths 2009, and time to celebrate Women’s Creativity. Ladyfest, on FEBRUARY 5TH, is a community-based, not-for-profit global music and arts festival for female artists that features bands, musical groups, performance artists, authors, spoken word and visual artists, and workshops, and we have our home-grown festival here at Goldsmiths.



An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump
Das Wanderlust
We Rock Like Girls Don’t
Betty and the Werewolves
November Fleet
Tiny Tigers
Helen McCookerybook
The Bobby McGees


Girl Power Fest 2009


46° 9' 42.3396" N, 16° 49' 36.966" E

Girl Power Fest 09 takes place from 13th to 22nd November 2009.

"Potpuni naziv festivala - Girl Power, festival ženskog stvaralaštva, zapravo samim nazivom govori o kakvom se festivalu radi. U "moru" razno raznih događanja Udruga M:A:K odlučila je napraviti festival posvećen isključivo ženskom stvaralaštvu.

Zašto samo ženskom stvaralaštvu?

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