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June 2014


The _____est Girl In The World


Los Angeles
United States

Inside The _____est Girl In The World, you’ll find a full color, pull apart portrait zine lovingly created by Aurora Lady. Inside are watercolor and ink portraits of 16 different women—women who thought outside the box to make their dreams a reality… and are sure to inspire you on your quest toward greatness.

This twenty page zine measures 7.5 x5.5 inches. It is signed by the artist.

The 16 glorious women featured in the zine are:

Almie Rose of Apocalypstick
Maria Ewing of Locketship
Loulou Androlia of LouLou Loves You
Tanya Ramirez of Untamed Instincts
Taryn Hipp


Miss California


Los Angeles
United States

Miss California is a poetry zine and a double helping of goodness-- the 8-page piece is written by wild child Augusta Gail, and lettered by Aurora Lady. It's color on cardstock, so it's just right for pulling apart and putting on your wall or inside your math notebook. Or keep it like a secret as it comes, with pretty colored thread holding it all together.


Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt


Los Angeles
United States

Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt is Aurora Lady's answer to S.E. Hinton's masterpiece, "The Outsiders". The half-size tome discusses abuse, grief, and the eternal search for a girl gang.

An excerpt:
"I wanted women around me that I could trust with everything. I wanted girls I could call at a moment’s notice and say, “let’s tear this down and build something up”, and they wouldn’t question. They’d be there, just as angry and full of venom as I was. My eyes were searching, wanting to close in."

"Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt" is the first release from Fair Dig Press.


Frau sein - frei sein - gemeinsam stark! Konferenz für junge Frauen mit Behinderungen (Salzburg, 07. - 08.06.2014)

Teaser Image: 

Ziel der österreichweiten Konferenz ist es, junge Frauen mit Behinderungen im Alter zwischen 12 – 26 Jahren zu bestärken, ihren Wünschen und Bedürfnissen Ausdruck zu verleihen und einen Austausch zu ermöglichen – kurz, Empowering für Privat- und Berufsleben zu betreiben!

Ein Projekt, bei dem ihr im Mittelpunkt steht! Ausdrucksstark zeigt ihr dabei eure Wünsche, Forderungen und Interessen auf.

Type of project: 
Girls and young women

Take part! Survey on Punk Zine Writers

Rebekah Buchanan from the Western Illinois University sent this survey request to us and we invite you to take part in it. If there are any questions don't hesitate to get in contact with Rebekah (find her email adress below).