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10. FESTIVAL RDEČE ZORE / Red Dawns / Die Rote Zora Festival

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International feminist and queer festival; March 5th – 8th 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Red Dawns will rise for the 10th time! Over the years, the festival has transformed and grown under the influence of all the people that participated, debated, reacted and witnessed our ravagings. What used to be a women's fest turned into an eclectic feminist-queer celebration that cares less about adjectives and more about adverbs, asking: How? When? Why?

And what is a feminist-queer festival? Is it sex or gender? Is it politics or party? Is it history or future? Is it contra or pro? Is it angry or horny? Is it just like you, or something completely different? All of the above? We want freedom, justice and love for all, but we know that the way there is mined with contradictions and struggle, just as it always was. Red Dawns fest is going to take time to explore our utopian feminist-queer possibilities and deal with reality... You are invited so that we can, most importantly, do it together!

Festival program includes:

a celebration honouring the 100th anniversary of the First International Woman’s Day with an exhibition featuring historical documents and new, March 8th related posters made by art students, a discussion on the politics of memory and international women’s activism today, and a public intervention

visual arts and performances: Sladjana Mitrovic's aquarelles series We; Sara Filipovic's performance BODY X; Marija Mojca Pungercar's installation AM1976-70 (The Mortality Table); Noa Reshef's theater performance Striptease No. 6-9; Ana Grobler's and Sladjana Mitrovic's web journal Beauty and Health With a Smile; MP5's erotic comics

short film screenings: What counts as feminist and queer porn? What is postporn, what is “pron”? What kind of erotic art videos are being made? What are the differences between independent feminist porn production and the porn industry? How is the latter connected to trafficking of women? Discussions and screenings of three international film selections!

book presentation of Mary Kreutzer's and Corinna Milborn's Merchandise Woman. On the Trace of Modern Slavery from Africa to Europe

science fiction workshop in collective writing

concerts and DJ & VJ parties, including Gustav (Austria), Z'buka (Croatia), Agatha (Italy), Sweet Quartet (Slovenia), and others. Red Dawn's queer party is going to host photographer Luca Donnini (Italy) who is going to create portraits of visitors in their favorite queer dream settings; and a lot more coming up!

For program updates and information for international visitors (location, accommodation, etc.) check this blog. The final program is going to be announced in the end of February at:; for specific inquiries, please write to: rdece [dot] zoreatgmail [dot] com – same if you are interested in volunteering at the festival. People of all genders welcome!



ACC Metelkova mestoLjubljana
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Networking & community building
Queer feminism
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03/05/2009 - 03/08/2009
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