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BitchBuzz (E-Zine, 2008-2013)


Statement: The Honest Women's Magazine

Running from August 2008 until January 2013, was an online lifestyle magazine for women spotlighting the best in style, tech, food and culture. It was one of the very first “group-blog” style sites for women and was incredibly influential in both the women’s lifestyle blogosphere and the online feminist community.

Founded and edited by online journalist Cate Sevilla, was written by a fantstic international editorial team. We may not have had an office, but we went some seriously cool places and met some super awesome people. We went to Brazil with ActionAid to learn more about how gender equality and sexual education is viewed there. We've led discussion at tech conferences to discuss why there aren't more women in tech. We've sat front row at London Fashion Week and gone behind the scenes at photoshoots for brands like Motorola. We've been to Comic Con where Jonathan Ross gave us a picture of David Tennant’s butt. We've been up close and personal with Kanye and Olympians, and have interviewed people like Ben & Jerry. As in actual Ben & Jerry.

Basically, we reported on a lot of awesome stuff while still trying to make a difference. was the honest women's magazine.

We said what everyone else was thinking - and in our own respective ways, our team still does. Because we’re fucking awesome.

Although it won't be updated, BitchBuzz will stay online as an archive of our articles. You can read Cate's farewell letter on BitchBuzz News, and if you'd like to contact Cate, please use our contact form.

Thank you for reading.


United Kingdom
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collective; founding/chief editor: Cate Sevilla
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2008 - 2013
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Grassroots media in Europe
Pop culture