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C@ucAsia - К@вкАзия - კ@ვკასია (E-Zine 2005-2009; blog)


The C@ucAsia - international information-analytical electronic magazine was a monthly trilingual (!) webmagazine by the journalists' organisation GenderMediaCaucasus based in Tbilisi/Georgia. The magazine had an international focus (on the Eastern European and Caucasian region) and was published and distributed by GMC as medium of the CaucAsia - International Coalition of Gender Journalists; the magazine was distributed via email and through pdf-downloads from the website with the clear invitation to copy and distribute it (unfortunatelly only a few of the links still work). Every issue was based on a specific topic; emphasis on the situation of women especially in the Caucasian region (in every issue journalists from different countries wrote the articles), gender and media, violence and power, war / conflict / terrorism, women's rights, equality, discrimination, parenting / children, feminism / theory / activism, politics / civil society, democracy, but also popular culture / fashion, religion etc. The webmagazine existed from 2005 - 2009 and was then succeeded by the К@вкАзия / C@ucAsia blog; most of the articles are now written/published by the chief editor Galina Petriashvili (Georgia), but there are also other contributors, columnists and correspondents based in Russia, Caucasian region, Eastern Europe, but also e.g. New York. The blog's emphasis is on the situation of women and women's rights / human rights in Russia, Caucasian region, Eastern Europe, worldwide; discrimination / suppression, (feminist) activism / resistance, feminist news, equality, power / violence, gender and media / journalism, war / conflict / peace building (especially Russian/Georgian conflict; the blog supports the Alliance of Women of Georgia and Russia which aims to improve the relations between the two countries), migration etc.


Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
GenderMediaCaucasus journalists' association; editor in chief: Galina Petriashvili
Affiliated organisation: 
GenderMediaCaucasus Journalists Association
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2005 - 2009 (e-zine), 2009 - now (blog)
Language of project: 
Russian, English, Georgian (e-zine); Russian (blog)
Grassroots media in Europe
Human rights
Migration & border issues