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Gender Museum - Museum of history of feminist and gender movement (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

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The museum of women's history and history of women's and gender movement is the first and only one in Ukraine. The goal of its informational and educational activities is to attract attention of broad sections of the public to women's and gender problems; to facilitate the strengthening of cultural connections between Ukraine and other countries and the consolidation of an international women's movement.

We invite you to visit the exhibition of the museum. Thanks to these exhibitions you will be able to feel how gender construction is realized in society.

The project "Let's Create a Museum About Us"has been implemented in 2008 in Kharkiv/Ukraine in order to create the first Ukrainian gender museum. Today, besides the exhibitions about women's history in Ukraine and worldwide, women's and feminist movement, domestic violence, etc. the Gender Museum also runs the a webportal and since June 2010 a virtual museum.

Tatyana Isaeva (director), Maria Chorna (design), Olga Karasiova (PR-manager)


49° 59' 36.6" N, 36° 13' 49.3788" E
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History & memory
Sexual violence
Women's Liberation Movement
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2008 - now
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Ukrainian (English)