Illustration © Nikki McClure

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UNRECORDS is a queer-feminist record label founded in 2012 and based in Vienna (Austria). First releases will be out in autumn 2012:

MUTTTRICX and NORAH NOIZZZE & BAND will release their debut albums.
Also, FIRST FATAL KISS will record some songs to celebrate their 10th (!) birthday. They will release a split with EX BEST FRIENDS from Berlin!


48° 12' 29.4264" N, 16° 22' 25.7484" E
Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
Johanna Forster: graphics, effects & guitar Aurora Hackl: texts, legal matters & drums Birgit Michlmayr: web, booking, drums & violin Petra Schrenzer: ideas, effects & guitar
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2012 - now
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Pop culture
Queer feminism