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KILDEN is an information centre for gender research in Norway.

KILDEN has the national responsibility for promotion and information about Norwegian gender research nationally and abroad.

KILDEN has the national responsibility to promote the documentation of resources and activities within gender research in Norway.

KILDEN’s target groups are gender researchers, the academic communities in general, journalists, politicians, public administrators, students and the public in general.

KILDEN’s main areas of work:

Online information services:
News magazine with articles about research, calendar, media clippings and other news.
Portal to centres, networks, studies, archives, literature, periodicals, and funding options related to Norwegian gender research.
The periodical Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning (Journal of Gender Research). Established in 1977 under the name Kvinneforskning (Women's Research). Interdisciplinary refereed journal, with four issues a year. (Norwegian only).
Presentations and overviews of publications relating to gender research.
KILDEN’s researcher database (Norwegian only). National database for women in research and gender researchers. Contains over 2.000 researchers, whereof more than 700 with experience in gender research. The database contains information about the researchers’ publications, projects and fields of research.
KILDEN’s news letter in Norwegian (published biweekly) and in English (published every six weeks).
Answering questions from the different target groups.
A variety of projects funded by external partners.


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KILDEN - Information Center for Gender Research in Norway
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1999 - now
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