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ovAryAction (Zine 2002-2007, Radio 2002-2009)


ovAryAction! was a zine (2002-2007) and a weekly radio show (2002-2009) on Oslo's feminist free radio station radiOrakel; emphasis on riot grrrl, women in music, feminism, art, zines and free press, empowerment, visibility, networking, resistance, lgbt and queer issues etc. One of the editors, vAl, started another radio show in Montpellier/France: rAdiOrAgaZZa

OvAryAction: PUTTING BOTH FEET UP THIS BLOODY PATRIARCHAL ARSE!!!!!! ====oA is a weekly radioshow on Oslo's feminist, free radio station: radiOrakel (99.3 fm or ============== Every Saturday, tune in to 99.3 fm in Oslo or, from 16 to 17:00, CET (no rerun for now, only live action). You'll hear oA's (and your) favourite people with cunts. It's music, banging beat poetry, stunning spoken words, interviews.... OvAryAction gives space, the whole space, to the "Cunts with a Voice" -and they're using it, believe me! It's often loud, always uncompromising. The show also features OA's fav record of the week, OA's fav fab zine (take a trip to the ZineZone), some news collected here and there, the CoverSongContest (some can of cover song blind test if you wish: ring in and win some oA prizes) All the above not featured necessarily in that order, nor every week, of course. Check out the blog for past playlists and show descriptions, transcribed interviews, ......etc. Please, do send in your demo or/and your zine. Spread the word, spread the love -vAl- OvaryAction/the Laugh of the Strip(p)ed Hyena contact : ovaryactionmailatyahoo [dot] com

OvAryAction was on for 7 years on radiOrakel. It was also a zine for 5 years (all the issues will be available again soon), had club nights, gigs, an Unconventional DIY Convention.... those were the Oslo days. Fun, but finished. Thanks to all the bands who played: Valerie, Motormark, Music for One, Robotnicka, x.lover, Juju Queens, Scream Club, Surplus People, Aurora Plastic Monsters.... thanks for the energy and the support.


59° 54' 49.9284" N, 10° 45' 8.082" E
Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
editors: vAl and Ingvild; collective
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2002-2007 (zine), 2002-2009 (radio)
Language of project: 
Grassroots media in Europe
LGBT and queer issues
Pop culture
Queer feminism
Riot Grrrl