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Ladyfest Glasgow 2013 (March 8th-9th 2013)


Ladyfest Glasgow 2013 takes place from March 8th until March 9th 2013 at Kinning Park Complex

Doors at 5.30, Performances from 6
Workshop during the day.

Lucy Duncombe, Liene Rozīte, Julia Scott
Musician and visual artist, Lucy Duncombe, works and performs alongside Kenneth Wilson, and collaboratively with other improvisers/musicians. Liene Rozīte performs with Ash Reid, in the conceptual improvisation duo Muris, and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra. Julia Scott is a musician and artist who plays in bands that include Palms and Fem Bitch Nation.

ANAKANAK is the solo project of Anneke Kampman, one half of Conquering Animal Sound. Her work is described as melodic beat-boxing – colourful beats driven by vocals which give new interest to the shape of everyday words.

Muscles of Joy
Muscles of Joy are a seven-strong vocal-led collective. They are: Esther Congreave, Anne-Marie Copestake, Katy Dove, Leigh Ferguson, Victoria Morton, Jenny O’Boyle and Ariki Porteous.

Fiona Soe Paing
Fiona Soe Paing is an Aberdeen based musician and vocalist who performs live with animations from Colliderscope. She describes her music as: ‘skeletal, off-world electronica’ Vince Clarke describes it as: ‘Very, very cool!’

Grimalkin 555
Grimalkin 555 is the solo project of Scotland based Sarah Glass who also plays in The Fnords. She termed her debut solo album: ‘nasty trash and hack exploitationoise’.

Sinead, Julia and Heather make songs.

Doors at 5.30, Performances from 6
Workshops during the day

Genesee is a Kenyan born Glasgow based singer songwriter.

Erin Friel
Erin Friel is a musician, writer and photographer from Glasgow who forms part of Deadlife Entertainment. She performs as an MC and singer.

Hector Bizerk
Hector Bizerk are a Glaswegian hip hop group. The band is comprised of; emcee Louie (Deadlife Entertainment) drummer Audrey Tait (Rio Callahan and The Miss’s) synth player Jen Muir (The Miss’s) and bassist Fraser Sneddon. The band strive to push the boundaries of music making beyond conventional song structure and band set up combining experimental rhythm and rap for cross genre appeal.

Sacred Paws
Sacred Paws is the long-distance project of London based Rachel Aggs (guitar) and Glasgow based Eilidh Rodgers (drums). Both make up two thirds of Golden Grrrls.

Ladies of Midnight Blue
Ladies of Midnight Blue are an international percussion and brass ensemble currently based in Newcastle. Their music consists of upbeat combinations of drums, brass and vocal chants and mbira compositions. They are comprised of Hannabiell Sanders and Yillis del Carmen Suriel.–video

After Party with Lock Up Your Daughters till 1am

(Running order is preliminary and subject to change)


Kinning Park ComplexGlasgow
United Kingdom
55° 51' 51.2532" N, 4° 15' 6.5016" W
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03/08/2013 - 03/09/2013
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