Illustration © Nikki McClure

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International Womens Day Activism, Womens Erotic Art


Today 8th March, International Women's Day. There is a new web site called Womens Erotic Art,
artists are invited to upload their work on this web site: Womens Erotic Art. The aim is to create an on line community that seeks to find new ways to articulate what it means to be a women in relation to art and sexuality. If sexuality used to be a place where real people had a real connection…Using the power of aesthetics. We are now here to readdress the balance

Diversity is a way to understand others and their point of view and sexuality is a key starting place, by doing this we can provide more piece and tolerance but there is more information and education required. For example:Not sure hijab or nun's habit is something to be ridiculed for some people it is a form of dignity. A man put an image of a woman in a habit with her breasts out and a gas mask on with the caption 'Give Me Some New Habits' I hate the fantasy behind this it reinforces that somehow the woman was not wearing or thinking what she wanted to but, was really thinking what the viewer (the man or the atheist) wanted her to. The image was to me is all around childish and maybe puts across why some women may want to wear a habit in the first place not that I am in a position to comment as I don't wear one. To me it was an adolescent mentality, that doesn't allow people to be their own individuals sexually with their own private identity . Sadly the man who posted this image on facebook did not understand this criticism when I pointed it out, but was worth the effort pointing it out!