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Slutwalk Grand Rapids 2011


We'll be meeting at Veteran's Park on June 25 to rally, walk, and bring awareness to slut-shaming in our culture, institutions, and lives. We'll be posting information about the route shortly.

A little history-

"On January 24th, 2011, a representative of the Toronto Police gave shocking insight into the Force’s view of sexual assault by stating: 'women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized'."

Since that incident, people in Toronto organized than staged the first ever SlutWalk in opposition to the idea that being in charge of your sexuality and dressing in the way you please is somehow asking for violence and sexual assault, that those are simply occupational hazards to our daily lives instead of the egregious symptoms of a sexist society.

Slutwalks all over the world have taken place since, and now it's our turn! Come and stand up against sexism, body policing, and slut-shaming!

This event is NOT only for women, and it isn't about freedom to have as many partners as you wish. It's about bringing awareness to how our culture and institutions police the way that people present themselves and how they come about their sexuality. Everyone who supports the idea of sexual and personal autonomy and keeping our law enforcement and perpetrators, not the victims, accountable, should come out!

We definitely need volunteers to design shirts and posters, help spread the word around town and schools, and to hand out flyers during festival! Email us or write on our Facebook page wall if you're interested! As always, spread the word about this event and our page!


Veteran's ParkGrand Rapids, MI
United States
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Kris Fletcher, Briana Reyes
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