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Anarcha Feminist Fest in Zagreb 2007


Anfema is something like a group of afinities, a group of people that share oppinions and wishes and work together on different actions and projects. In this case it's about anarchism and anarcha-feminism. The group is transparent, fluid, open for everybody that's interested in it. The structure doesn't exist, nor does hierarchy while all the decisions are brought by consensus.

Anfema is a self-sufficient group, we don't depend on any kind of fondations. All the money (that's unfortunately required for working in projects and actions) is a product of self-financing - working on a distribution in which everybody participates through inventing motives, printing t-shirts, patches and pins or through working on the distro in concerts, festivals and similar happenings.

The group was founded in 1999 since when nearly thirty people were involved in different periods. Today there are about ten people involved in the group's work. Lately we've been concentrated on fanzine making, translating, publishing pamphlets and organizing the Anfemafest.


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04/13/2007 - 04/15/2007
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Croatian and English
Networking & community building