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Walk of No Shame 2014 (formerly Slutwalk Hamilton)


1st June 2014

On June 1st we are hosting The Walk of No Shame, an anti-oppressive, non-violent feminist event to demand an end to the shaming and blaming of survivors of sexualized violence and harassment. We are a pro-survivor movement aiming to support survivors from all walks of life. We challenge a society that places blame and shame on those experiencing abuse rather than on the abusers.

The Walk of No Shame addresses the shaming of survivors beyond the word “slut” and allows for a more inclusive and accessible event for all survivors. The Walk of No Shame has the same intent as SlutWalk. As a collective we still identify as SlutWalk Hamilton. We continue to support one’s right to self-identify as a “slut” while also acknowledging that being labelled “slut” is not an experience that includes all survivors of sexualized violence equally.

It is important to recognize that attending an event with the label “slut” can be unsafe and alienating for many survivors. The word “slut” can be oppressive or irrelevant to some survivors, particularly those who are members of marginalized groups. The use of the word “slut” is very specific to survivors who are white, heterosexual cis-women and further focus on the word contributes to the erasure of many survivors’ experiences. We have decided to change the name of this event in order to acknowledge these criticisms from survivors. We are not changing the name of this event in order to appease our oppressors and we continue to stand against the shaming of safe, consensual sexual expression.

- The SW Hamilton collective


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Previous editions called Slutwalk Hamilton