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Uplift (E-Zine, Magazine)


Uplift is a non profit making, independent women’s online magazine which acts as a place to showcase many women’s voices.

Uplift exists as an alternative to all the women’s magazines out there that put down and patronise. We want to show women that they’re not alone if they find features such as ‘the starvation tips of top models’ mind numbing. Uplift encourages intelligent engagement with the pop culture that surrounds us and offers women a platform to have their say, share ideas and get creative. All opinions expressed within Uplift are those of the individual authors.

Uplift started life as a printed publication and has been featured in The Guardian and The Observer. You can still get your hands on the first printed issue of Uplift magazine here,


United Kingdom
Names of Producers/organizers/editors/creators: 
Sarah Barnes, founder and editor
Timerange, Issue-nr, ...: 
2006 (print issue) // 2007-now (e-zine)
Additional information: 
Contribute to Uplift. We are always looking for fresh writers, exciting illustrators, talented photographers, and any creative people in need of an outlet! Or perhaps you may not feel confident in your creativity, but you’ve got something to get off your chest! Uplift is updated frequently, which means that articles and imagery can be submitted at any time. So no need to be shy, get in touch with your ideas or examples of your work. Just email the editor at and get involved!
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