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"Ladyfest Las Vegas is a women-centric arts and music festival put together by an all-inclusive group of volunteers. Our goal is simple; to showcase artistic, creative, and empowered women (past, present, and future) with a two day festival to be held agian in '07 probably in October. The festival will include, but not be limited to, music, visual arts, film, workshops, discussions, and a wide array of other women-centric activities to help promote the education and advancement of women in the Las Vegas Valley.

Ladyfest Las Vegas is a grass roots effort that is committed to the advancement of women in the arts by supporting their work through promotion, public education, and by providing an outlet and venue for their art and activism, we are accepting submissions for next year.

Ladyfest Las Vegas seeks to showcase the incredible diversity of female talent, skill, activism, and expression already thriving in our community. We believe such diversity can be celebrated most effectively through our fierce dedication to pro-woman and feminist agendas. As part of this mission, we actively involve young women and transgendered youth in all areas of the festival, from planning and organizing to performing and participating in workshops and events. In so doing, we hope to expand upon the successes of the Riot Grrrl movement that helped birth the collective and global Ladyfest tradition that Ladyfest Las Vegas is proud to be a part of.

The proceeds of Ladyfest Las Vegas to benefit local non-profit organizations and other feminist endeavors.

If you would like more information about LadyFest Las Vegas please

Or for more information about the Ladyfest Movement please visit" (web site)


Las Vegas
United States
36° 6' 51.4908" N, 115° 10' 24.4344" W
07/15/2006 - 07/16/2006