Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"srušite sistem
smash the system!
bu sistemi yok et!
détruisez le système!
störta systemet!
Zúzd össze a rendszert!
Sparge sistemul!
system abschaffen... ... zum ladyfest antanzen!
bleiberecht für alle!
LadyfestVienna07 – is
... diy, night-active, antiracist, queer, sweaty, restistant, shameless, non-commercial, lesbian, unwilling to work, aggressive, critical, networking, feminist... pop, colourful, performative, playfull, courageous, dilettantish, nocturnal, wild, yobbish, angry, electronic, danceable, unplugged, heretical, digital, analog, ideal, medial, copied, nicked, dirty, cute, soaked, programmed, chaotic, open, filmed, cineastic, genderqueer, female, male, auto-mono-polygam, furious, soulfully, rebellious, powerful, self-empowered, resistant, unruly, emotional, rational, radical, metaphysical, punchy, self-assured, discursive, de-constructive, minoritised, perverted, adverse, narcisstic, diverse, Black, white, rock, retro, punk, cooperative, networked, associative, messy, tidy, subversive, shifted, snotty, totally fag, stolen, curated, outspoken, insurgent, intractable, self-confident, in love, sleazy, plurilingual, trans, self-organized, collective, lesbian, s/m, transverse, strategic, militant, out, free, solidly, vaginal, klitoral, drag, promiscuous, shameless, charming, coquettish, frivolous, obscene, satisfied, satisfying, dissolute, heated, aroused, unresting, safe, beautiful, bitchy, public, demonstrative, interventionist, offensive, rhythmic, coded, experimental, anarchistic, critical of the system, multifunctional, sexy, cool ...

take the stage!
Let's take and politizise the stage, the microphones, turntables, cameras, laptops, dancefloors and mixers!

take back the space!
Contact lf07 if you want to stage an event, be it a night action, djing or a gender fuck workshop to name only a few!! We would love to see you at one of our meetings or hear from you.

Play gender!
Our answer to the question „What gender are you?“ is more interesting, diverse, non-binary, revolutionary etc. than just "Male" or "Female." Anyway ladyfest ist rooted in the „women-lesbian-transgender“ movement in vienna.

Express yourself!
there is still lots of space for you and your feminist, revolutionary, antiracist ... wishes and themes.
We need you to show your political, artistic and organizing talents!" (


48° 12' 33.1416" N, 16° 22' 22.0008" E
05/16/2007 - 05/20/2007