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Third Wave Feminism


A selection of third wave feminism resources, texts and sample course outlines.


1. Teaching with the Third Wave. New Feminists' Explorations of Teaching and Institutional Contexts . Daniela Gronold, Brigitte Hipfl and Linda Lund Pederson (eds). ATHENA.

2. "Feminist Theorizing and the Third Wave" (WS 601). Northern Arizona University, USA. Instructor: Dr. Sheryl Lutjens

3. "Feminist Currents" (WS 398-4W). Simon Fraser University, Canada. Instructor: Dr. Helen Leung

4. "Women of Color in Third Wave Feminism" (WST 486). Berea College, USA. Instructor: Dr. Linda Strong-Leek

5. "Third Wave Feminism: A New Generation?" (WS 430). The University of Alabama, USA. Instructor: Professor Jennifer Purvis.

6. "Geschichte, Inhalte und Medien des Third Wave Feminism". Universität Salzburg, Austria. Instructors: Elke Zobl and Sonja Eismann