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"Hags, Harlots and Heroines" website

type=digital_archives offers tales about some of history's more remarkable stragglers - groundbreaking gals who got lost upon the way - together with stories of legendary ladies and mythical mammas that you will no doubt have met before.

"hagsharlotsheroines tells the tales of the famous, and not so famous, pioneering women from past to present who helped to shape the cultural landscape we now inhabit. We aim to entertain, inform and inspire others to seek out those hitherto unsung heroines (and hags and harlots) who lived life by their own rules and in so doing were catalysts for change. Every month we will post up a new story on the site and also send it to the inboxes of our members. We welcome feedback and, indeed, reader's own writing - there are many tales of fascinating women simply waiting to be told, many of whom no doubt hail from North Wales" comments Helen Wilkinson, co-founder of

The team and membership has grown and with this fresh blood, new ideas have flooded in. We don't want our history to define us - or more importantly to limit our creativity. We no longer want to limit ourselves, and of course our members, to writing about women from history, legend and myth. Or to focus exclusively on the past. We're ready to untie those reins. And though we'll always be fascinated by herstory we now welcome quality creative writing on all themes, in all genres, and non-fiction as well as fiction exploring issues of gender and identity.

Now we are inviting in stories about the future, and the present as well as the past. We welcome fantasies alongside stories grounded in fact. We invite in ghost stories as well as stories which move fluidly between time zones. We welcome creative non-fiction as well as fiction.

My Heroines runs storytelling, creative writing, drama and self development workshops for children, young people and lifelong learners.

Our aim is to promote, develop and advance human potential through education and creativity exercises through the arts, including:

• story telling
• creative writing
• facilitated personal development workshops

on My Heroines themes in arts centres, out of school clubs, youth centres, and adult learning centres throughout the UK.

My Heroines is an unincorporated voluntary association with charitable aims. Our constitution is available for review on request.

You can support the aims of My Heroines and enable us to improve this site by donating


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