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National Women's Council of Ireland (Blog)


Welcome to the new website of the National Women's Council of Ireland. We hope that you find it exciting and interesting, and that you are inspired to use it to further your own efforts to bring about equality for women in this country. We hope, too, that you like our new, womanly logo, designed for us by Alison Burns, and our photographs, many of them taken by Derek Speirs.

We urge you to join us, and our 160 member groups, in the National Women's Council, whether as part of a group, or as an individual member. Women are bearing the brunt of this recession, as carers, as low paid workers, as the providers of a wonderful range of community groups and services, now under threat. The National Women's Council is campaigning under the banner, "No Going Back". Join us and let us make this country work for women!

Susan McKay
Director, National Women's Council of Ireland


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