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Rdece Zore Fest: Zine Expo

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hey! so here's some pictures from the zine expo i helped set up at Rdece Zore this year.

Based in Ljubljana, this queer fem fest celebrates cutting edge performers, artists, theorists, writers, and provocateurs. Raised for the eleventh time, Rdece Zore excels in offering creative political engagement in an atmosphere of diy / professionalism / avant garde / intergenerationalism. Every audience member has the chance to participate in some way and the friendliness of the space and organising team is legendary.

catch Mirjam Baumert's interviews with myself and Gabefrom over at the festival blog.

personal highlights? These have to include the Queen of Eggs exhibiton replete with swinging ball bags for visitors made from water ballons and tights, the I Ass Jazz dance performance and the opportunity to hug a girl on stage whilst she recited Beyonce lyrics as poetry, a session on remembering Uckermark concentration camp for "unsociable" girls, and hanging out with some very cool ladies indeed.

props to all the organisers for another amazing fest, and for Metelkova for being such a sprawling, action hub of connection.