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Al-Nisa (Magazine, 2000-)


"It is clear that having a forum to speak about things that are kept silent, about the daily violation of women's rights, to defend women who have nobody to stand up for them, to discuss and work to change the rules, laws, and decrees which dominate women's lives, to stop the emotional and moral harassment committed by society, to raise awareness about women's human rights, to give women the hope that our lives can be better, is more needed: a forum, a journal, an organisation, to show that women have something to say, to express our views, to have our voices heard: a forum to show that women have an alternative...

Our perspective is to reflect women's needs and express women's rights and to reflect Middle Eastern Women's achievements in this field."

- Nadia Mahmood, "Al-Nisa magazine at the end of its first year", Issue 4/5, 2002, pp.6-7


United Kingdom
51° 30' 0.5472" N, 0° 7' 34.4496" W
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Nadia Mahmood (editor)
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English, Arabic
Grassroots media in Europe
Human rights
Religion and beliefs