Illustration © Nikki McClure

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Call for Entries: The Nigah QueerFest'10 in Dehli, India


Now in its fourth year, The Nigah Queer Fest’10 is Dehli‘s annual celebration of queerness. The festival this year brings back the curated film festival and our popular performance component along with a visual arts exhibition, workshops, parties and more.

On July 2nd, 2009, the Delhi High Court ruled that Sec 377 of the Indian Penal Code – an anti-sodomy statute – was unconstitutional and violated the rights and dignity of queer Indians. Since that day, many have said that queer people in India are on their way to becoming “free.”

But what does it mean to be free? Few words are as contested in the world today as freedom. Freedom is claimed, it is desired, it is defended, it is imposed, it is fought for, it is fought against.

This QueerFest, join us at Nigah in examining this freedom. Are we free? What does queer azaadi look like? What should it look like? Do some of us have more freedom than others? What do these freedoms allow us to do, say or be? Were we not free before? How are our freedoms wrapped up in the freedoms or un-freedoms of others? What does “freedom” mean for our selves, our bodies, our politics, our families, our communities, our worlds?

The Nigah Queerfest '10 invites you to contribute to our annual theme: Freedom. Send us photos, collages, illustrations, drawings, or any other kind of scanned visual artwork that you can email.


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LGBT and queer issues