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Contra-Diction (Magazine, c.1982-?)


" Contra-Diction has developed out of a couple of Birmingham magazines that have bitten the dust. It is run as a collective, in the loosest sense of the word. Articles and visuals have been contributed mainly by women. Contra-Diction aims to be feminist based magazine covering 'culture'; that is organised culture (music, film, theatre etc) but also using a wider definition of the term culture, about the way we communicate with one another and the way we live our lives and what happens around us. We have reviewed events and activitys (sic) from what we hope is a feminist/political stance hoping that we haven't fallen into any of the traps of divorcing culture from politics.

We were going to write a big peice (sic) about feminism for this editorial, but we were too busy actually putting the magazine together. So we will leave you with this (true) story - two young girls who are starting a fanzine came to see us, they said their biggest problem was getting interviews with bands because men in them were convince (sic) they were just chatting them up! Simple answer; interview all female bands (giutar (sic) heroes arent worth interviewing anyway).

So far the next issue is just a thought. We need contributions. CONTRA-DICTION can became a regular thing with your participation and thus we don't have to read the usual crap trap in the popular media about feminist and non feminist activitys (sic).

Bye, The Collective Contra-Diction"
- Editorial, Issue 1, c.1982.


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